Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Get Your Bets In Now

We're not running a Nobel pool, but maybe somebody is...tomorrow the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature will be announced, and 9L's own Andrew Ervin has come up with handicaps for this year's top contenders:

Transtrommer (Sweden) 2:1
Achebe (Nigeria) 4:1
Adonis (Syria) 8:1
Magris (Italy) 8:1
Roth (United States) 12:1
Munro (Canada) 20:1
Murray (Australia) 50:1
Houellebecq (France) 100:1


Adam Deutsch said...

My money's on the long-shot.

Andrew Ervin said...

And the winner is ... the envelope please ... Doris Lessing!

What a great choice.

Adam Deutsch said...

That wasn't part of the spread! This game was fixed.