Thursday, November 08, 2007

We're Talking Ohio!

The Buckeye State.  Birthplace of Aviation.  We're heading into the heart of it all this weekend at two (count 'em 2) literary events!

Find Ninth Letter at the Kenyon Review Literary Festival on Saturday, 11/10.  We'll have a spot in the Midwest Lit Mag Fair in the Gund Ballroom.  

Or, if you're a little more north and a shuffle to the west:

Winter Wheat 2007 is in Bowling Green, OH.  Hosted by the good people at Mid-American Review, it's a weekend of stellar-quality talks and events in a kickin' town.  We're at the Book Fair on Saturday.  (Plus, this year's festival includes talks by 9L contributors including Gary L. McDowell and Mary Biddinger and others!)

If you haven't gotten it already, swing through to get your copy of the latest issue, a new subscription, or renew the one you've already got at a price that's so low, it'll barely cover our gasoline to get it to you!  If you've covered your bases on all of that, just come by and say Hi!  

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