Thursday, October 30, 2008

Comics (etc.) at Krannert Art Museum

Last week, the exhibition Out of Sequence: Underrepresented Voices in American Comics opened at Krannert Art Museum to a crowd of nearly 500 folks. The exhibition seeks to showcase American sequential art that steps outside the traditional bounds of the medium by focusing on historical and contemporary women and minority comic creators as well as work created with nontraditional techniques.

Events of interest related to the exhibition include a gallery conversation with co-curators Damian Duffy and John Jennings (Thursday, October 30, 5:30 pm),

and a talk entitled, "Emerging Out of Sequence: Examining the Past and Charting the Future of American Comics" with exhibitors Nancy Goldstein, Andrei Molotiu, Trina Robbins, and Ashley A. Woods (Saturday, November 8, 1-4 pm).

Other upcoming events at the museum for October/November:

Thursday, October 30
IPRH Film Series
Ed Wood (1994), directed by Tim Burton
KAM Auditorium, 5:30 pm

Friday, November 7
VOICE Reading Series
MFA Creative Writing reading series, featuring guest readers Mike Alber, Gina Ventre, and Claire Watkins from Ohio State. UIUC poets Matt Minicucci and Dana Burchfield will also be reading.
KAM 20th century gallery, 3:30 pm

Thursday, November 13
IPRH Film Series
Singin' in the Rain (1952), directed by Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly
KAM Auditorium, 5:30 pm

Open-mic for hip-hop and Black power expression
Palette Cafe, 7-9 pm

Friday, November 14
A Call to Arts
Open art critiques with Jerry Savage and Peter Bodnar
Jerry Savage's studio (2137 County Road, 1100 North, Sidney, IL), 7:00 pm

As always, events are free and open to the public, and held @ Krannert Art Museum, 500 E. Peabody Drive, Champaign, IL unless otherwise noted.

Find out more by visiting KAM's website, signing up for e-news (email, or by joining the museum's facebook group.

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