Friday, January 30, 2009

KAM: WOW Design Series

A new exhibit featuring the work of designer Marloes ten Bhömer opens today at the Krannert Museum of Art.

The exhibition is part of the WOW design series, which KAM started because:

We live in an environment that is hyperconscious of design...While this atmosphere is certainly exciting, the crowded marketplace makes the work of truly inspired and innovative designers even more difficult to recognize. As consumers and viewers, we are too rarely WOWed. This series of exhibitions seeks out that WOW factor. Each featured designer creates remarkable products through a transparent design process inspired by everyday visual icons, and pushes the quintessential into uncharted territory.

Ten Bhömer's experiments with the design and production of women's shoes, according to the KAM website, "offers new aesthetic and structural possibilities while critiquing the conventional status of women's shoes as cultural objects."

This is an exciting opportunity to see Ten Bhömer's design process from start to finish.

The exhibit runs Jan. 30 - May 31, 2009. For more information visit KAM's website.

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