Friday, May 01, 2009

EWN's Short Story Month

As you know, the short story is far from dead, but short stories can always use some extra love and support. Lucky for us, and the short story, Dan Wickett over at the Emerging Writers Network has declared May Short Story Month.

Here is what Dan plans to accomplish this month:

My goal each day will be to find three stories to read and blog about - one from a collection that maybe I've held onto a little too long, should have finished and reviewed by now, etc; one from a print journal; and one from an online journal.

By month's end, if all goals are met, just under 100 short stories will have been read and commented upon. I hope to meet these goals, if only because it means I'll have scared up the time to read nearly 100 short stories!

Head on over to the Emerging Writers Network to read about the stories already posted.

Short Story Month is a great time to revisit some favorites or to try some new ones. Tell us how you plan to spend Short Story Month.

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