Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eggers & Butler

We love passing on good news and two fiction contributors from our first issue (spring/summer 04), Dave Eggers and Robert Olen Butler, have new books. Check them out.

Zeitoun by Dave Eggers is available now.

"...what Dave Eggers has found in the Katrina mud is the full-fleshed story of a single family, and in telling that story he hits larger targets with more punch than those who have already attacked the thematic and historic giants of this disaster. It’s the stuff of great narrative nonfiction." - Timothy Egan, The New York Times

Hell by Robert Olen Butler will be released on Sept. 1.

"No writer in America today can be said to surpass Butler in the eating-his-cake-and-having-it-too category: He's literary and entertaining, serious and funny. Within his clear and fluent narratives, there usually nestles complexity, if you care to look for it." - Chauncey Mabe

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