Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Book Round-Up

Check out these new books from 9L contributors:

In the Sun’s House: My Year Teaching on the Navajo Reservation by Kurt Caswell (vol. 4, no. 2)

"An exquisitely written, consistently thoughtful, and engaging work . . . Its scrupulous personal honesty and research into the Navajos combine to produce a rich literary experience, as engrossing as a novel yet buoyed by the sense of a reliable observer bearing witness to what actually happened." - Phillip Lopate

Broken Sonnets by Kathleen Kirk (vol. 4, no. 1)
"...challenging, confrontational, and full of surprises….The collection addresses what breaks us and then asserts that “to be broken is to be whole.” Wielding this contradiction, Kirk stares down fear and dares to be sexy!” - Joyce Wilson

From the Fever World by Jehanne Dubrow (vol. 5, no. 2)

"Composed in the voice of the imaginary Yiddish poet Ida, these poems are subtle, musically complex, and frequently startling in their immediacy, violence, and grace." - Kevin Prufer

Scorch Atlas by Blake Butler (vol. 5, no. 1)

"Butler is an original force who is fearless with form... The design is appropriately disarming, an apt part of the overall barrage by this inventive and deeply promising young author." —Time Out New York

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