Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Reading

What is Lynn Kilpatrick (vol. 2, no. 2) reading? Find out at the Campaign for the American Reader.

The Indiana Review Blog found out which books Curtis Bauer (vol. 5, no. 1) and Erika Meitner (vol. 7, no. 1) have been reading lately.

Check out 7 Days, 7 Artists, 7 Rings, a writer/artist collaborative project created by Nicole Walker (vol. 4, no. 1) and Rebecca Campbell.

The Education of Oronte Churm is holding a contest, simply write your idea of heaven. While you're there, Oronte's blog, not heaven, you can see how Roy Kesey (vol. 1, no. 2 & vol. 3, no. 2) and our own Jodee Stanley imagine heaven.

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