Tuesday, February 01, 2011

AWP 2011

AWP 2011 is scheduled to start on Thursday and I know a lot of attendees plans are in flux right now because of the weather. Getting there is...well, that's the whole battle right now. But I hear once you're in DC the weather will be fine. Still safe travel wishes to everyone.

Now for those who are able to make it to AWP 2011, here are some reminders of Ninth Letter related events taking place!

At the book fair, Ninth Letter will be at table B23. We'll be in between the Mid-American Review and The Cincinnati Review. We've teamed up with those two amazing magazines to offer a 3 for 1 subscription special (subscriptions to all 3 for $33!).

9L editor, Jodee Stanley is a part of the "Beyond Times New Roman: The Literary Journal as Object" panel on Thursday, Feb. 3 at 4:30pm. The panel also includes the editors of 1913, 6x6, The Lumberyard Magazine, Luna Park Review, and Versal.

Jodee will also participate in "The 1960 National Book Award Revisited: What Makes Fiction Last?" panel with Steve Almond, Brock Clarke, Michael Griffith, and Sarah Shun-lien Bynum at 10:30am on Saturday, Feb. 5. The panel is based on a feature, "National Book Award 1960, Revisited," which appeared in vol. 7, no. 1 of Ninth Letter. The Cincinnati Review blog has an excerpt from the 1960 feature as well as one from the 1961 version, which will appear in their next issue.

And finally, the not to be missed event of AWP 2011 is the Monster Mags of the Midwest reading! The reading is jointly sponsored by Ninth Letter, The Cincinnati Review, and Mid-American Review. Here are the details:

Readers: Lucy Corin, Bob Hicok, Cate Marvin, Erika Meitner, and Kevin Wilson
Date: Saturday, February 5
Time: 7pm
Place: Bread & Brew, 1247 20th St., Washington, DC, 20036 (phone 202-466-2676)

It's going to be a fun reading. Hope you can make it!

Ok. Have a great time in DC everyone! And don't forget to stop by table B23 to see the new issue, pick up some swag, and to say hi to the 9L staffers.

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