Monday, June 13, 2011

New Issue Preview - Water Festival

Our new spring/summer 11 (vol. 8, no. 1) issue is about to start making it's way out into the world. Since we can't wait for you to get your eyes on it, we're going to be posting excerpts here on the blog. First up, is a look at two sections (one from the beginning and one from the middle) from Jensen Beach's story "Water Festival."

Water Festival


A television crew, out to document the use of historic steamboats as observation platforms for the air show at the end of the 1993 Stockholm Water Festival, filmed the crash from a boat anchored just south of the island of Långholmen. There is also footage taken from what appears to be roughly the middle of the crowd on the island itself. In both films, the bottoms of the frames are lined with upturned faces and hands blocking the sun. In the second film there is something unusual in the plane's approach. It is halting and unsteady. The nose beings to rise straight up to the clouds at a drastic angle. A small explosion can here be seen as the jet's canopy separates from the fuselage and the small, dark fist of the pilot punches out into the sky.


Lars Rådeström was not yet falling from the sky. He felt the plane begin to shake. He received a signal to eject. The plane's computer had determined that reversing the trajectory of the plane was currently not possible. If he did not override the signal, the plane would begin the ejection procedure on its own. Lars once owned a 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia, which dropped its transmission in roughly the middle of the intersection of Luntmakargatan and Kungstensgatan. He eased out into the intersection and then stopped to avoid a speeding garbage truck. When he put the car in gear after the garbage truck had passed, he felt an unfamiliar resistance in the clutch. He gave it some gas and suddenly there was a terrible scraping noise and the car lurched forward and stalled. Lars opened the door to get out and put the car to the curb and a taxi plowed into the rear passenger side. The Giulia spun through the intersection rapidly and came to stop on the sidewalk in front of a woman holding a small dog. Lars thought of this as he floated to the ground.

As you can see from the this sneak peek at the cover we have a lot of outstanding contributors. Stay tuned all week for other previews and for more news about the issue!

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