Friday, May 04, 2012

New Issue: vol 9, no. 1

The new spring/summer 12 (vol. 9, no.1) issue is here! Head on over to the current issue page to check out the table of contents as well as sample spreads. While you're there you can check out information about Ninth Letter, vol. 9, no. 1.5. Yes. 1.5. It's our first chapbook made up of seven stories and five real architectural and landscape proposals for cities around the world. The special issue, called Man-Made Lands, will be out later this month.

Now let's get back to vol. 9, no.1. Once again our editorial staff have found some riveting fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. To give you an idea of what they've chosen, here are a few quick excerpts, just a sentence or two, from some of the pieces you'll see in the new issue.

"A few Halloween pranksters caught in the act of throwing eggs had sworn she was the kind of midnight mother able to suck the breath straight from a body quicker than a cat suffocates a baby." -- from "Whatsoever" by Amy Sayre-Roberts (fiction).

"When we bought our first Ginsu--the knife that was 'more clever than a cleaver' and 'could destroy even the most challenging chicken'--it was the 1980s, a decade when Madonna became both Blessed Mother and Material Girl. The Reagan administration was flexing its muscles before a world sized mirror. And Americans were hungry for stuff." -- from "As Seen on TV" by Anna Vodicka (nonfiction).

"I am a bride of the one true word, the veiled surrender, sister of the right
agenda, the humble but stained pane of glass, the obedient class, your confessed
skin shrinking, defender of the Good Friday cross I kiss, the sacred heart
hung on the peeling wall, your dogmatic stickler." -- from "How will You Believe what I Say?" by Josh Kalscheur (poetry).

To order a copy of the new issue, head on over to our webstore. Have you liked us on Facebook? If not, now is a good time to do so since we're offering an exclusive deal to our fans on Facebook until Sunday.

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