Monday, October 01, 2012


Okay, not so much a recap as more of an opportunity to say we had a great time at WORDHARVEST on Saturday! Thanks to our readers, Amy Sayre, Chad Simpson, Jensen Beach, Ted Sanders, and Roxane Gay, for being rock stars and making it a stellar event. Pictures of the readers can be found on our Facebook page. Ideally, there would be more pictures of the audience, the great discussions that broke out during the intermission, and the writers signing books, but my camera died before I could get any of those moments. I'll be sure to have a fully charged camera battery next time. Of course, I can't wrap things up without many thanks to everyone who turned out for the event. We're lucky in Urbana-Champaign to have a wonderful community interested in literary events. We appreciate it!

A few more things before I go. Congrats to Chad Simpson as today is the official publication date for his story collection, Tell Everyone I Said Hi. You should check it out!

Also, if you're looking for other great reading material be sure to check out these books too:

No Animals We could Name (Ted Sanders)
Ayiti (Roxane Gay)
For Our of the Heart Proceed (Jensen Beach)

Finally, Amy Sayre's play, The Widows of WhiteChapel, which allows the victims of Jack the Ripper to finally have their say, will be at The Legacy Theater in Springfield, IL on October 13 and 31. Don't miss it, folks!

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