Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Short Story Month Contest

Today is the last day to enter our Short Story Month contest, so I'm bumping up the original post with all the contest details. Don't miss out. Enter today!

May is Short Story Month and we are eager to celebrate it. One thing we are going to do this year is hold a SSM contest. We want to hear from you, our readers, about your favorite short stories from Ninth Letter. Simply leave a comment in this post telling us which Ninth Letter story is your favorite and why. We will share your thoughts here on the blog. But wait, there's more. Telling us about your favorite 9L story also enters you into our drawing for 9L prize packs!

Prize pack 1: a 9L t-shirt and a 1-year subscription

Prize pack 2: a 9L bandana and 2-year subscription

So, yes, there will be two winners chosen by a random drawing! Start posting about your favorite 9L stories today and the winners will be chosen at the end of the month.

Also, like we did for National Poetry Month, we are going back into our archives to post some of our favorite 9L stories. Those posts can be found below. Enjoy!


Eric said...

"Stomp Tokyo" by Viet Dinh. Nothing goes better with heartbreak than an island full of irradiated monsters.

Monique said...

"Ghost 7, Prince 9" by Jedediah Berry. It's a story that demands its own action figures. You could make your own Ghost 7, Prince 9 play set at home with Playmobil figurines, an old placemat, a shoebox, Knox gelatin and blue food coloring, a cucumber, and some of those die-cut vinyl numbers that they sell at the hobby shop. Maybe some Peeps (for the feast scenes), pointy green Lego trees, and wagon-wheel pasta and toothpicks to make an invading army. And lots of tiny, delicious edicts.

Anonymous said...

"Zanzibar, Bereft" - Rachel Cantor.

djazz12@gmail.com said...

It's newer, but Threnody for sure. The first line is perfect - one of the hardest things for me to get right in my own stories.